E-lit and Lan-party

So, I haven’t made a blog post in ages and should already be done with 10, this is number 8. Well I do have one freebee in that I hade the presentation about one hour one life in class. We could do this instead of making one blog post and I’m going to take that freebee since I am quite a bit behind on these blog posts. After this one then I am missing one more, so I will get that out later this week. There I will also talk more about why and what the reason is to why I haven’t been doing the blog posts lately.


Then we were done with video games and moved over too E-lit or electronic literature as its called. What do I think about e-lit? For me it has been kind of weird, I do not really read that much fiction to begin with and e-lit didn’t change that. When I chose to read it is more factual reading. Of course, do I enjoy fiction, but e-lit to me feels like it is more aimed at a niche audience. I found e-lit interesting, but I myself don’t have an interest in it and didn’t get that much out of it. I did check out Façade, a e-lit game kind of thing that falls inn under Interactive fiction. Here you are a person who is visiting a couple which is fighting a lot and you find your self soon enough in the middle of one of their fights. You can write what your character is saying and based on that the couple will respond to you. Unfortunately, the game can’t recognise that many different sentences, so you are limited to responding to what the couple are saying. One funny thing about this “game” is that if you insult them they will most likely kick you out of their apartment. Unless you are quick to say you where kidding, but then if you do it again you will be kicked out without any chance to apologise. It is an interesting game and one can relate to this being in the middle of someone ells problems without having anything to do with it.



One thing that has had me occupied from focusing on these blogs is that I was crew on a lan-party, Hordalan is the name of the lan-party I was on, but that was a lot of fun even thou it was a lot of work. Except the work everyone had to do which was rigging up and down the lan-party I worked with the streaming crew. I mostly moderated chats like Twitch chat and Discord chat. For those that don’t know what those to are, Twitch is a streaming platform which is the most used platform. Discord is a chatting program, a mix of skype and team speak. You can join servers where you can find chatting rooms and voice chat rooms. This was the platform in which Hordalan used to give out information and communication between crew and participant. There are also recordings from the stream on Twitch if you want to check it out yourself (https://www.twitch.tv/hordalan/videos/all). I have been part of this lan-party since 2014 I think, and it is still growing in popularity. It is an amazing experience even if you are not part of the crew and would recommend anyone who is interested in it to go.

maxresdefault (1)


What happened to Hellblade? I never got the time to play it. Haven’t even bought it yet. For now, I will not have the time to get to this before this semester ends and we are done with this blog, but I do like blogging and I want to play this game and write a blog post about it. So, I think I might keep this blog and keep working on it. Making a blog post every now and then. It will probably be different then what it is now. So, the Hellblade blog post will come out some time in the future, most likely one time during the summer. I apologise for anyone who was looking forward to that blog post, but have had a lot of other things going on.


The next blog post will be the last for exclusively Netnarr, but as I said I want to keep it alive after since it started to grow on me and I quite enjoy writing blog. The next blog post will come out later this week, but after that I have no idea when I will write again. So lets hope it will not be a long time.


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