The Last One, For Now

So, when I said “later this week” I really meant a week from now (last weeks blog), I guess. It has been hard to just find out what or how to write about for the topic of e-lit. This blog might be a bit shorter than usual because of this.


Biggest fan bot

I have talked about a Twitter bot that I was supposedly going to make but haven’t gotten around to do yet. The bot I have an idea for now is a biggest fan bot. It’s a bit of a response to how social media is now a days. The seek for attention. It also has to do with how this course, Netnarr, has felt from time to time, when you really don’t get any response from other people. Unless Mia retwits your twit. It can really be demotivating when only your friends in your study-group likes your twit. Then why not have a biggest fan bot for yourself? A bot that will like your twit and maybe comment on it. And if your twit don’t get to much attention it will also retwit your twit. It would be a feel good thing of course.

How this semester has been

It has been an interesting start on the year. I really didn’t know what to expect form this when we first met Mia. It was inspiring and a bit terrifying, with the blog and Twitter. Now I’m positive to the experience this has been and as I said in the last blog post I want to keep blogging as a result. It has been up and down this semester with all from studying to work and other things I have been doing. As all semesters motivation was on top for the beginning but slowly diminished as the semester went by. Especially with what I will write in the next segment.

The disconnect

For those who as Mia this semester her in Norway, you can probably understand this. The disconnect from the subject. Mia has been away a lot with her presentations of the science project she has. This meant that we lost out on lectures and with that, at least for myself, lost a bit of the connection with the subject. It has been demotivating to say the least. For me it also had a negative impact on this last topic we had in Netnarr which is as you can tell e-lit. The lectures we had on it felt a bit rushed and not much time was put in to them as the other subjects of digital art and video games. I don’t blame Mia for this because it was probably because of these trips she had to do. I know Mia’s major was e-lit and that’s why it was a bit disappointing to see this disconnect from the subject. I’m sure if Mia had the time I would have enjoyed e-lit a lot more than I did. But no reason to complain about the past.

With this I’m sad to say I’m done with the Netnarr blogging, to some extent really. I will probably visit the Netnarr back channel as Mia called it (Twitter) from time to time. I will never forget this experience I have had in Netnarr for sure. So, until next time be good everyone.


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